Monday, 7 May 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day Seven

Day Seven: Nice Weather, Road, Temperature, People, …  
May 6, 2012; Distance covered today: 130 Km; Total: 515 Km

I woke up at 7:00 am, had breakfast, packed up and left the campground at 9 am.  I went to Narbonne, the major town where I arrived two nights ago. In Narbonne, it took me some time to find the route that I wanted to take. A couple of times, I had to double back or walk my bike against the coming traffic. Finally, there was an awesome road to the next town—traffic was not heavy, the weather couldn’t have been better, the sky and the clouds were magnificent, and there was a good shoulder. I felt strong after the off day I gave myself. Soon I got to Bizare a very beautiful town with old buildings. I asked a young gentleman for direction and he said, “You are in Bizare in the south of France”. He couldn’t help me, but he was very funny and kind. 

Me and the Horizon 

I kept riding with only 10 minute breaks every hour or so. Some parts of the route were bike paths, so it was nice and easy to keep going.

There Are Lots of Canals Like This

Once, I stopped to ask for direction from two elderly women. They spoke no English at all, but they could give me good directions to a bike path and to where I was going. Later on, at about 6 am, I had to start looking for a place to stay for the night, so I asked a family, father, mother, and a teenage son, who were cycling around, for direction to a campground on my way east. They first, gave me direction, but then they actually took me to a campground in a resort area. I was amazed by their kindness. They changed their route to help me find the campground, and by the way, the campground was not close. So they had to bike a long distance to show me the way, about 15 km. All the people I met today were super nice.

There Are Many Old Buildings

Wind Surfing with a Parachute

The Wonderful Family Who helped me Find the Campsground

The campground I was shown was rather pricy, 21 Euros for the site and 4 Euros for the Internet. That was too rich for my blood. There were two more campgrounds in the same area, I decided to check them out and see how much they charge for a tent with no electricity. The first was the same, but the second was 13 Euros with free “Internet”. I took it, but after the shower I realized that the Wifi is so weak that it actually does not work. Well… What can I do now? Nothing… cock spaghetti, write for my blog off line, and go to bed.  


  1. You have been able to find kind-hearted and warm people along the way because YOU radiant and attract positivity and kindness.

    Now out of curiosity, how did you manage to take self-portraits riding the bicycle since you are traveling solo?

  2. LOL. Dear Olivia, I think you know that cameras have self shutters. I put it on 10 seconds, leave the camera on a wall or a ramp, and ride off my bike.
    Tanks for your kind words. I hope I conform to your words.