Saturday, 19 May 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 17

Day 17: Sightseeing in Levante Area in Italy

May 16, 2012; Distance covered today: 0 Km; Total: 1176 Km

I couldn’t sleep in today although I didn’t have much to do early in the morning. The birds were so loud that it was impossible to sleep. I got up and waited for the family to wake up as well since I didn’t want to wake them up with my loud stove.

The family woke up and I watched them how the children were respectful and content with whatever breakfast they were fed with. They were very polite. I asked the mother if the children have ever complained about the food. The answer was negative. I saw how the father, Xavier, explained Theo where Turkey, and Iran were. Also, Xavier would teach his children how to ask and answer questions in English. The children didn’t really miss a lot by not being at school. They are in touch with their teachers online so they have some work to do though. The little boiy, Thimothe’e was only 4.5 years old and had his bunny doll with him, but when on bike, he was even better than many adults. His father had a device to attach Timothe’e’s bike to his own but so far, only once was it necessary. All in all, this family was amazing to see, and I am sure many parents can learn from them.
Theo and Libon

Theo Watching his dad Fixing their Windshield
Themothe'e and Lubin Playing before Breakfast

Thomas and I left the campground to the villages at about 10. The villages were really beautiful. There were lots of tourists there; I cannot imagine how crowded they will be in hot season. One of the paths that we took was called, “Lovers’ Path”. It was very interesting and funny. People had tied a lot something or locked a padlock on the rocks or trees for being in love or looking for love, or whatever reason. 
One of the Villages

View from the Path

The Love Path
Such a Paradox
In One of the Villages


In the evening, we went back to the campground and had dinner with the family. IT was such a funny scene to see that the children set the dishes on the mattress, in a row, so maticuously and waited for the parents to bring the food. My food was ready, pasta with a rich souse: canned veggies, martadella, olives, and pasta souse. So I got the children’s dishes and served them with some of my food, they were very polite because they wouldn’t touch the food until their parents also came to the table/mattress. The little one, Thimothe’e was so tired that he was almost sleep as he was having dinner. After a wonderful time with the family, we said goodnight and hit the pillow. 

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