Wednesday, 23 May 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 23

Day 23: Finally a Nice Campground round a Lake; From Lago De Bolsena (Lake Bolsena)  to LagoDi Braciano (Lake Braciano) in Italy

May 22, 2012; Distance covered today: 102 Km; Total: 1410 Km

Boy, it was coming down last night. In the morning, the rain hadn’t stopped. It was still pouring down. I packed everything in my tent. I threw the panniers out one by one. Then I waited for the rain to give me a short break. I didn’t want to make my tent wet. It was rather damp already. When the rain stopped for a minute or two, I packed the tent, and left the cover outside to pack it separately since it was soaking wet. I put everything on the bike, and it started to rain again. I had my rain gear on and left the crappy campground.

I cannot believe it. It is raining like hell again. Tomorrow, I will ride to Rome. I hate getting to mega cities. It could get really complicated and traffic would be terrible.
Kandovan in Italy

Pathway to Paradise

Kandovan again

It is not fun to ride with the rain gear especially if the weather is not cool. The weather was playing games with me. The rain would start and stop several times until early afternoon when it completely stopped. I had one thing on my mind only; to go as fast as I could to get to Rome. When I got to Lake Braciano, I had to make a choice: either to continue and get to the campground in Rome, or to go to the campground around Lake and air my stuff since they were really wet. I went to the lake.
Airing my wet Stuff
The View out of my Tent

The campground I am staying at now is really nice. It is by the lake. I could watch the sunset although it was a little cloudy. There was supposed to be internet, but the speed was so low that it was not working. So the staff gave my money he had charged me for the Internet back. 


Half Panoramic View
That was a real lone swan staying the night there

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