Wednesday, 16 May 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 15

Day 15: From Savona to Genoa in Italy

May 14, 2012; Distance covered today: 56 Km; Total: 1111 Km

The ride to a big city could be very boring and complicated. Genoa is located on a hill so the streets are very narrow and often one way. To get from point A to point B in Genova you might have to zigzag a long steep distance. Therefore, we decided to get a train into Genoa when we are close to the city. We went to a train station; there was no staff/ officer to buy the tickets from. There was a machine from which we could get the tickets, but when we chose the destination, it would say that the ticket was not available. We thought we would go to the next station which was a lot bigger, but again no one or not even a machine was there, but there was a timetable showing that the trains are coming into the station.  We asked a bus driver and he said the train will be coming in the station and the ticket is not a problem. We could get the tickets on the train. After wasting a good half hour in the deserted station, we found someone to read the time table for us. He said that all the times showing on the table are for cancelled trains!

One of the Beaches on our Way to Genoa

A Square in Genoa

A Village on the way to Genoa

We left the train and in rain, we arrived in Genoa. Getting help from GPS, we located the hostel we wanted to go to, which of course was on top of a hill 200 meters above where we were. After climbing many steep streets we got to the hostel and checked in.

After taking a shower, we hit the town to discover Genoa. There are many old beautiful churches in Genova. The old town is the second biggest in the world after Rome. We walked in the old town and visited some old churches.

In the evening, we decided to have Italian Pizza and then go to the hostel. The pizza I ordered was very salty.
Tomorrow, we have a tough day. The route we are taking is located in a mountainous area where the road has many tunnels and forbidden for bikes to go through. Let’s see.


  1. Hi there. Sorry it has been a long time that I missed going onto your blog. Happy to see you are still continuing and meeting nice people specially another biker. wish you the best for th rest of your trip.

    1. Wait! Are you cheating? Train?

    2. Afsane jan, Thanks for your comment. It is lovely here. Hope you get a chance to see Italy.

      Peyman, Read my posts carefully. Bicycles were not allowed on that road.

  2. Wait! Are you cheating? Train?