Sunday, 13 May 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 14

Day 14: A Laid-bak Ride on the Italian Coast; From Nice to Savona in Italy  
May 13, 2012; Distance covered today: 79 Km; Total: 1055 Km

It is a different kind of experience riding with another person. You don’t have to lock your bike or worry about your stuff being stolen when you take a washroom break or when you go to a supermarket to pick up something. I cannot say I like it more than riding by myself, but riding with another cyclist is also fun.

In mid day, I hit my 1000 km on this trip so we took a break in an Italian cappuccino. The coast was rather different from what we had seen before. It was full of stunning rocky mountains so we were cycling on the side of rocky edges—on the right was the sea, on the left rocky walls. 
Behind me a Poster for Bicycle Racing in Italy
The Sister Cruise Ship which Sank in Italy Earlier

We arrived in Savona at about seven. Thomas had found a hostel on top of a hill in Savona. We knew we had to climb 300 meters to get to the hostel, but what we didn’t know about was the sharp steep road to the hostel. The road was so steep that we had to walk our bikes up.

The hostel is a very big building on top of a mountain. There are only a few people here and there is only one person, a friendly lady.  The hostel looks more like a big military dorm and we have a whole floor to ourselves. WE have a wonderful view over the city and it is so quiet here. 

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