Wednesday, 9 May 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 11

Day 11: A Fantastic Ride    
May 10, 2012; Distance covered today: 115 Km; Total: 832 Km

What can I say about the beautiful roads I took today. All day, I was on roads though forest in a mountainous region. It was tough let me tell you, but it was absolutely worth it. 

I started at 9:20. I biked for three hours non-stop. Then I took a break for five minutes or so. My body is getting used to riding long hours now. I kept riding and riding. Only at 1:30, did I take a lunch break for 10 minutes. I had some Italian bread with cheese. 

If you have heard about Spanish Siesta, let me tell you about French lunch break. Everything is closed from 12 to 3:30, even major supermarkets, like our Metro in Toronto. I stopped at a huge supermarket to buy some bread, but it was closed. When I asked a guy outside the supermarket, he said, “People have to eat”. 

At about 6 pm, I tried to get my groceries for the night and find a campground. This time, to get my groceries, I had to ride 3 km out of my direction and double back. Then I found a campground whose owner was very unfriendly and asked for 16 Euros for the night. I refused and left the campground although it was really late, 7:30. I was getting ready to go into the bush, but I found another campground some 5 Km away from the first one. They guy was very friendly and asked for 14 Euros, I said no, and he offered 10 Euros. I took it and he gave me a tomato for free. Above all, there is free Wifi, but just in front of the reception. Now, I am sitting there, spatting mosquitoes, and writing this blog. 


Tulips were everywhere

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  1. Nice pics, I am jealous!