Saturday, 28 April 2012

Round Lake Ontario: Day 4

August 23 2011; distance covered today; 76 km; total: 428 km
Day 4: An Easy Day
It rained all night, but I slept well. The campground was quiet and neat. In the morning, I didn’t have much left to eat, so I decided to have some tea and leave. After 5 km or so, I stopped at a gas station to get something to eat. I got some chilli, lots of bread, and a couple of power bars for later.
I was wondering why I was rather slow. My knee was behaving weird. Was it because of the food that I didn’t have last night? So, I took my time and didn’t push it. The road was a little bit hilly now, but more beautiful. Flat is boring.
Fresh Blueberries from Local Farmers

I stopped at a farm and got some veggies to cook a good meal for the night. I also got a big bucket of blueberries. They farmer wanted to put the blueberries in a plastic bag, but I said it was not necessary. She was wondering how the hell I was going to carry it in my pannier. She was shocked when she watched me “pouring” the blueberries down my throat—all of it. “Man, you must be hungry”, she said. “Well, when you travel by bike, food is like your fuel. No fuel, no pedaling”, I answered enjoying the fresh, rain-washed wild blueberries.

I decided to camp early today to give my knees a rest. I checked in Heaven Beach State Park. It is a little crowded, but it’s OK. I made some real food with green pepper, onion, green beans, corn, egg, tomato paste, and lime juice.  I also made some Basmati rice with potato (Estamboli). I had so much food tonight. And I have a lot to eat for breakfast too.  This food is going to give me a boost tomorrow. Let’s see. 

Unfortunately, I didn't have a working computer for some time to finish writing about this trip. I finished the loop round Lake Ontario in eight days. I will finish this posting my some pictures and will be keeping you posted on my new trip which actually starts tomorrow.

My View from my Campsite

Three Thousand Islands

On a Ferry
My Residence Last Night

Round Lake Ontario is an awesome route specially the American side of the route and the part close to Kingston.