Monday, 28 May 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 26

Day 26: Pompeii, Still a Beautiful City! From Primevo to Monte San Blano in Italy

May 25, 2012; Distance covered today: 41 Km; Total: 1617 Km

My first bush camping was not actually bad although finding the place was rather challenging. But it always is. For me, finding a place to spend the night is the most challenging thing to do on my trips. I don’t stay in B&B’s or hotels so my choices are very limited. And if it is clear that there is not a campground or a hostel, then the challenge is doubled. 

Last night I slept well. It did not rain and the temperature was just OK. I woke up at 6 am and packed and left ASAP. I didn’t want the drivers to see me. 

I stopped at a town and had breakfast: bread, cheese, sausages, and chocolate milk. At 11am I arrived in Monte San Bleano and I got on the 12 o’clock train to Naples. Then I changed the train in Naples to Pompeii. 
In Naples, there is graffiti all over the trains. Even the front of the train is sprayed. When the train stopped at each station, I was trying to find out which station it was, but it was impossible because the signs at the stations had graffiti on them. I then had to ask people where I was. 

Right outside the station in Pompeii, there was a campground. I checked in, took a shower, washed my clothes, and went to the ruins of Pompeii. 

It was very interesting to see that Pompeii was like a modern city. It had different buildings for different services or entertainment. There was a theatre for example. The bodies of the residents were also interesting but sad.
At night, I made some spaghetti and had it with vegetables. Tomorrow, I will have an early start to cycle south toward Sorento, and then decide whether to cut across Italy there or from further south.  
The Theater in Pompeii
One of the Bodies

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