Friday, 26 December 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Kara kul to Sargata in Kyrgyzstan; Rain; Today: 52 km; Total: 1750 km

June 2, 2014

It rained all night and all morning, so we broke camp very late. We changed some money in the bank, did some groceries for dinner, and found a good restaurant to have Shorba. Then, we hit a steep road in light rain. We climbed from 700 meters to 1400 meters. Then we descended rapidly to a nice lake where we stopped for a tea. The rain started again, full force, and we were climbing again.

At 5:30, we decided to camp. The road would not promise a good spot ahead, so when we saw a hut and a lot of sheep around it, we considered it our only chance for a camp spot. There were three men sitting outside the hutdrinking. They shouted, "Salam", so we went to them and tried to make them understood that we wanted a place to camp. They were "very" friendly and offered us the hut, but they were too drunk to be trusted. We left them.

After a short while, I got my first flat. I whistled loudly and asked Fausto, who was 300 meters ahead, to ride back. After changing the tube, we didn't have much time left, so on top of the hill, we camped, cooked pasta in the rain, and prepared to spend yet another rainy night in our tents.

Cooking Dinner in Rain

Camping Spot

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