Friday, 26 December 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Naryn to Kara kul in Kyrgyzstan; Up and down all Day; Today: 60 km; Total: 1698 km

June 1, 2014

We couldn't sleep well last night. The road, the dogs, the worry of not having everything in the tent kept us from a good sleep. At 5:30, we woke up to a thunder clap. Immediately, we started to pack. We managed to have everything in our water-proof bags before it started to pour down. We waited for two hours for the rain to stop during which we had tea and boiled eggs. We started the ride with our rain gear on, but soon we got rid of them as the weather got better. For 50 km, there was nothing: no shops, no cafés or villages. There were two hydro electric dams taming this river; that was all.

We were very hungry when we arrived at some restaurants. We were relieved that we could finally eat some good food after biking 50 km. But we were wrong because strangely enough, all the restaurants served boiled eggs; that's it, that's all! Boiled eggs; all the ten restaurants. Having had boiled eggs for breakfast, we didn't fancy that on the menu at all no matter how hungry we were. But...the choice was clear. Boiled eggs, or empty stomach. At the end, we settled on one egg each, with tea.

We left the "restaurant" very dissatisfied, and hit the road. We had to pass through a toll booth 500 meters ahead. As soon as we passed the booth, there was a restaurant right there which had some real food. We stopped there and had dumplings.

When we left the restaurant, it was really hot. We climbed a steep road for half an hour when we arrived in a village--Kara Kul. The clouds were closing up, so we decided to camp before the rain catches us.

I saw Fausto talking to some people who happened to be mechanics. When we asked the guy where to camp, he offered his property. We accepted his offer, but first, we had to go to the village to buy groceries for dinner.

We pitched up our tent, took a nap, had tea with the owner of the property, had a very salty soup, and now, we are in our tents, listening to the rain riddling our tent. Tomorrow, we have to change some money. We have no Com left. The challenge is that there is no bank in these small villages!

The Mechanic

Cooking from inside the Tent
Most Statues were warriors

Hydro-electric Dam

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