Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: From Mountains to Desert; Today: 80 km; Total: 2390 km

June 26, 2014

I woke up to some noise and saw a big dog outside my tent. A little away from the dog there was a farmer with his shovel on his shoulder looking at our stuff. When he left, we started packing. We had breakfast and soon we were on a country road along the canal. After a couple of hours, this road joined the main road. By then, it was too hot to keep going. We stopped at the first cafe and had Shorba and tea. At 3:30, we were on the road again. We were carrying a lot of water because we didn't know when again we would be able to find water. After 19 km, there was a village where we bought some more food and at 6:30, we camped in a desert. It is a an ugly sight: full of plastic water bottles and arid. Unlike last night where I enjoyed a natural jacuzzi, tonight, I could not even wash my face since water is scarce.

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