Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Leaving Almaty; Today: 130 km; Total: 2310 km

June 25, 2014

We had already packed up the night before, so we woke up at six and left the hotel in half hour. After riding for a few streets trying to get out of Almaty's rush hour traffic, we found a road, along the main road and a canal which was not crowded at all. We were expecting some really bad ride going out of Almaty, but this road was surprisingly very quiet and leafy. We enjoyed it very much.

We rode about 40 km when we saw an army officer standing in the middle of the road with a small red flag. He ordered us to go back because there was a shooting practice going on up ahead. Then, we had to bike back about 10 km, 5 km up to the main road, another 10 km east, to be where we were some two hours ago. What a drag.

On the main road, we bought some water and found a place to cook and rest. At 3:30, we were on the road again. We happened to be on some road under construction-- and that meant riding on tar.

At about 6 pm, we filled all our bottles and headed back toward the mountains where we had been in the morning. It was very difficult to ride our bikes with all our bottles full of water up heal. I was carrying 6 litters of water with a lot of food.

Finally at 7, we found a beautiful spot where we could bath in some clean water coming from the canal. How refreshing it was. 

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