Friday, 26 December 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Jalal Abad to Naryn in Kyrgyzstan; Wrong Road; Today: 130 km; Total: 1638 km

May 31, 2014

At 6 am, after asking some people for direction to Bishkek, we started the day on a narrow, bumpy road with many inconsiderate drivers.  

All morning, I doubted the direction we were going, but I trusted my GPS and rode on. At noon, after having lunch in a cafe, we took a look at the map in Lonely planet guidebook, and realized that we were on the wrong road! This road would also take us to Bishkek, but not through small villages and unbeaten paths. It was the main road to Bishkek.

The only way to get back on the right road was to cycle back 80 km to Jalal Abad through the same dangerous road. Considering the not-so-pleasant experience last night, we decided to continue the same road to Bishkek--Road M 41, which is the quickest road to Bishkek, but not the safest or the most beautiful. Besides, this road has two very high passes before Bishkek, and it goes through many mountains.  

In the afternoon, the road got very close to Uzbek border. In late afternoon, our spirit was lifted at the sight of some mountains. We arrived at a village, Naryn, and bought pasta and some veggies for dinner. By then, we had already covered 130 km, so we wanted to camp, but where?
Unlike the Tajik people, who would offer their garden when asked about a camp spot, Kyrgyz people would tell us to go further ahead. Finally, we asked a restaurant owner, whose house was behind the restaurant. He offered a place in his yard for $4. We had no choice.  We started the dinner and got ready to sleep in the open. What if it rained?

A Japanese Dude on His Way to Europe

Our Camp for the Night

Cafe Owner and Her Grandson

Timid Curious

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