Tuesday, 26 June 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran

From Kapodokya to Erzurum in Turkey


  1. I enjoyed the movie very very much. this was the first professional one. I also love the part that you are enjoying your meal. Say hello to your friend for me. I wish i was there when you will be in tehran. I think your turkish part of your advanture was very enjoyful. If it doesn't matter to you i gonna share this clip with my friends.

    1. Afshin jan,
      Thanks very much for your comment. I am so glad that you liked my movie. I wish you were with me on this trip as well. I still remember the nice memories of our hike in Darake and our trip to Shoormast lake.
      Please do share my video, it will be an honor.
      Fausto, my friend, was denied the Iranian visa so today will be our last day riding together. He will head toward Heorgia, and I will head toward Iran and in three days I will be crossing the border.
      See you soon Afshin jan.

  2. Afshin is right the clip is awesome . Sorry to hear about the visa . But there is a reason behind this. Tell your friend. I was not happy in a first place when I heard he is going to go to South by bike . It is not that easy.
    Thank God that you didn't get sick or ill.

  3. Agha, you looking stronger than ever. great work. cant wait to meet you again.