Sunday, 24 June 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 50

Day 50: Camping by a Beautiful Lake; From Gucuk Koyu to a Lake Close to Zara in Turkey

June 19, 2012; Distance covered today: 128 Km; Total: 3903 Km

When it is a little chilly outside, it is kind of hard to get out of my warm sleeping bag in the morning. I was going to have a very early start today, but by the time I was ready it was 7:30. 
Breakfast: bread, honey, nuts, tea

First thing in the morning, the kids came to watch us again. Look how cutely the little one is posing for the picture

Soon the wind began again, but we had to go on and at 12:30, we arrived in Sivaz, 72 Km. We decided to take a long break and have lunch in the city. We happened to find a really good restaurant where only Kofta was served. We had a very good meal, bought some groceries for dinner, and hit the road. We arrived in a lake close to a village called Zara. There was only one building there, a restaurant. We went there to get some drinking water and ask where we could pitch up our tent, but the chef was so friendly that we could not say no when he said we should go there to eat fish. I was a little dubious about it and thought that the guy is going to rip us off. 
Kofta in Sivaz
Me and the Road
The Road Ahead

We put up our tents in very strong winds, took a dip, washed our clothes and went to the restaurant. I was right…one small fish with a little salad cost us 15 Lira each while the lunch with lots of goodies with it cost us 24 in total! 
Hungry cyclists need lots of food, not a fancy looking little fish.

Our campsite is in a very beautiful place. The sky is full of stars, so I don’t want to see to miss the starry night. 
Beautiful Spot


  1. At least it wasn't pasta!

    1. Dave, My friend,
      Quantity matters the most when I bike all day. I need to fill this stomach of mine; otherwise, I cannot go on. So... If I have to, I will eat pasta every night, which I have practically done so. At least it keeps me going.