Saturday, 23 June 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 46

Day 46:From Aksaray to Kapadokya in Turkey

June 15, 2012; Distance covered today: 95 Km; Total: 3575 Km

It was so comfortable in the campground last night that I didn’t want to leave for Kapadokya. I was wondering if I had to stay another day there and relax. 

I left the campground at about seven, stopped at a grocery shop and had breakfast (cheese and bread with some juice), and kept riding. The condition of the road was no better.

About 5 Km to Nevshehir, I saw a couple of cyclists riding opposite my direction. I went up to them and then we went to a teahouse to have a chat. They were going to Greece so I gave them my map of Greece. They suggested me a campground in Kapadokya. We talked a lot and exchange stories of our rides. Then we departed. 
The Cyclists I met near Aksaray

I rode on some tar, oil, and gravel to reach Kapadokya. I found the campground and checked in. After taking a shower, I made some spaghetti. There were two cyclists from France who were on their way to India through central Asia. It was great to talk to them and listen to their stories of their ride. 

The campground is nice; rather treeless though. The staffs are very friendly and helpful. They get a discount for any activities that you want to do in Kapadokya. During the day, it is a challenge to find shade to relax. Not all the spots are in the shade.

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