Friday, 15 June 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 41

Day 41: A Nice Hotel; From Pamukkale to Dinar in Turkey

June 10, 2012; Distance covered today: 123 Km; Total: 3018 Km

The sleep last night was problem free. I woke up at 5 and was ready to leave the campground at 6:15. The morning ride toward Denisly was refreshing. I soon was on the main road toward Dinar. I stopped at a bakery and had some bread and cheese with eyran. I then kept riding and riding. I was kind of sleepy too.
At noon, I stopped at a cafĂ© and had a quick sandwich. As I was waiting for my sandwich, I had a hard time keeping my eyes open. I dosed off a couple of times. Then after eating my sandwich, I started riding again in the unbearable heat. After twenty minutes or so, I parked my bike by a tree and “watchfully” slept for an hour. Of course, I woke up a couple of times. Then at 3:30, I started riding again until I got to Dinar where I found a cheap hotel for 25 L (about 15 Euros).  When the owner/staff showed me the rooms, I saw people walking in the hallways in sleepers, there was a kid and two young daughters at the reception, and there was a teenage boy at the computer. The hotel, Dinar Hotel, was rather like a Azad University Dormitory than a hotel. There was a better room on the second floor for 30 L, but I went for the cheaper one. I knew the experience would be interesting.

As soon as I put my panniers in my room, the staff came for me and asked if I had eaten. I said, “no, but I am going to take a shower first”. He asked me to follow him immediately to have dinner. I was very very hungry so I followed him into the terrace on the fourth floor where I saw about ten men sitting round a table and having dinner: some pasta, and eggplant stew. Mmm. I had already asked if breakfast had been included in the price. The answer was negative. So… I was wondering what it was about. I thought I had to pay for the dinner, which was absolutely fine by me since I love eggplant. The people having round the dinner table were very funny and were cracking jokes all the time. They asked me the  usual questions and I gathered that they were all a road- construction crew who resided in that hotel, breakfast and dinner included. 

I enjoyed the dinner and the crew’s company. Later on, I invited one of them, who knew English a little bit, for tea in a tea house whose owner had shouted at me to go for tea later when I was riding to find a hotel. We went there and had a couple of cups of tea. The owner was very funny and friendly. He asked me to go there in the morning for breakfast and tea, and I agreed. 

I am now in the hotel and absolutely tired.

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