Sunday, 24 June 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 49

Day 49: Killer Head Winds all Day; From Somewhere close to Kardesler to Gucuk Koyu in Turkey

June 18, 2012; Distance covered today: 100 Km; Total: 3775 Km

Like every day, I woke up at 5, had breakfast, left the gas station at 7:30. The wind had already started blowing right into our heads. We took turns to cut the wind, so it was a less difficult to bike with another person than by myself. The area we biked today was really beautiful. The weather was cool too. I did not sweat much, or I did but the wind dried me out. After 50 Km, we stopped to eat something. We went to a roadside restaurant and had two bowl of Shorba. After 50 Km, we were hungry again, so we had another Shorba with Coffee. After the food, the waiter did not accept the money for the coffee and charged us only for the Shorba. We thanked him a lot and took a picture with him. 
The gentleman who did treated us the coffee

It seems that wind in this region picks up in the afternoon. It was 4:30, but we decided to call it a day since we were doing only 5 Km/h. We went to a village to camp there. In the center of the village, some old men were sitting, talking. We stopped there and I told them that we were passengers, we were tired, it was windy so we could not go on, we have everything to eat, and we need a spot to put up our tents and sleep for the night. They gave us a nice spot in the village. And since then, we were surrounded by the people who wanted o see us and our equipment. They watched us pitch up our tents, wash ourselves, cook dinner, have dinner, make tea, have tea, and so on. At the end, I had to tell them to leave us alone. Then they left.
We were brought some coffee

The omnipresent pasta

Fausto showing a video of our trip to the kids
These kids were asking us to visit them next year again

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