Sunday, 3 June 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 33

Day 33: Hard-working Beetles or Cannibal Grasshoppers; From Astakos to Agios Vasileious in Greece

June 1, 2012; Distance covered today: 101 Km; Total: 2366 Km

It was a very humid night. Regardless, everything else went well. 

first thing in the morning, I had 9 Km of climbing. It was very hot so it was a little challenging at the beginning, but when I saw some beetles working so hard trying to roll their food into their nest, I got encouraged. They were sort of funny too. They would roll the food using their strong hind legs.

Then, on the same road, I saw some grasshoppers, or I think they were grasshoppers, lining on the side of the road, lots of them. First, I was wondering why they like to be on the side of the road instead of in the bush where the food is. My question was answered in a few minutes when I saw them feeding on the other grasshopper’s carcasses who had been run over by cars! 
Cannibal grasshoppers

"Oh! My cousin's just run over; there it goes my breakfast".

I thought about these grasshoppers a lot, for the rest of the day. They wait on the side of the road until one of them is run over by a car so that they could eat it?! I was wondering if some of us, human beings, act somehow the same toward our fellow human beings in a rather similar situation. In a situation where we take advantage of other people’s financial demise, for example, in a short run, oblivious to the fact that WE, ourselves, might be the next person to go down. I might be wrong. I couldn’t find cases. Do you? Let me know.

I passed though some really poor areas in Greece. It was a replica of the villages in the north of Iran; narrow roads with no lining or shoulders, deserted half built houses on the side of the road, local market where farmers can sell their stuff, etc. I then reached to Rio where I had to cross a fantastic looking bridge. It was really amazing. 
Finally some Nice View
Beautiful Coastline
The View of the Bridge and the town from afar
The Bridge

After the bridge, I biked for another 20 Km to get to a campground by the beach. I checked in, had a shower, cooked dinner (Spaghetti as usual), and went to bed.


  1. As mush as I like your philosophical view, I am getting worried about you. You have much more interesting things to think about rather than insects. (JK)
    Have fun

    1. Peymani,
      More interesting than observing the nature? Maybe I could watch American Idol or bachelor, or I might teach stuff like, your vs. you're.
      Maybe YOU could find something more interesting than reading my blog. Haha. I miss you buddy. We should do some white water rafting together again.

  2. Mansoor khan, when you get back we make a "roches roll shit" party. let see who wins. miss you bro.

    1. Arashi,
      You know that I would never say "no" to your or
      Sohrab's party no matter what we roll, dice or shit. Count me in.
      Miss you too buddy.