Friday, 2 December 2011

Day Two

Day 2: June 27, 2011; Distance covered today: 90 km; Distance so far: 183 km.

Day two actually started last night! I couldn't get enough sleep because of the cold. How stupid of me to pay 250 $ for a light down sleeping bag and then decide not to bring it at all. I cursed myself and Arash who told me not to take my sleeping bag. 
In the morning, while literally shivering with cold, I got out of my tent and made tea. It warmed me up a tad. Bad luck didn't end there; after taking a long tiring time to pack everything and load the bike, I had to unpack everything again except for the tent to look for my sunglasses. I unpacked everything but the tent. I couldn't find my sunglasses anywhere. It was too late already so I loaded the bike again and hit the road at 10! 
As soon as I started on highway 89, I realized that the truck drivers on this road did not have any sympathy for cyclists. I encountered two really dangerous incidents already, and it was only a few kilometers into my day!! I had to change my route so I did. I asked some locals and and took highway 10.
Things started to get better: the wind was blowing from behind, the road was flat, and the scenery breathtaking. What else does a cyclist want? For lunch, I stopped at a roadside restaurant which happened to be Indian. I had some time to look for my sun glasses; I had left them in the tent! Live and learn. Like every simple lesson on bike trips, you pay a relatively high price for your mistakes. Lesson learned:"check the tent before packing it, and put everything in its place, every little thing".

It was about 7 pm when I got to Owen Sound, and now I am in my tent hoping to get some sleep tonight. I have paid 37$ plus tax for a little spot to pitch up my tent for tonight, but my next door neighbor, who a huge RV and a Jeep, pays the same price. This is outrageous. 

Taking a Rest in a Roadside Comfort Area

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