Sunday, 18 December 2011

Day Seven

Day 7: July 2, 2011; Distance covered today: 75 km; Distance so far: 519 km.

I couldn't sleep well last night; my camp spot was too close to the noisy road. I promised myself to bring earplugs on my next trip.

I woke up very early since I was afraid of getting caught in the rain. I don't want to pack up in the rain. So, I had a quick breakfast because I didn't have much to eat anyways. Very soon I reached the very same campground I had stayed in Primrose before. I didn't want to wild camp because I needed a shower so bad. 

Before I went to the campground, I stopped by a creek in a park to see the possibility of bush camping. When I stopped at the parking area, I saw a man in the driver seat of an SUV. He started a small talk with me. I told him that I was looking for a spot to camp for the night. He said, "Yeah, there are a lot of people here around this creek; there are some who fish, some who hike, and a lot of of people who come here for a BJ. I would love to get one!". I was shocked at what he said. This guy was sitting in his car, waiting to run into someone to give him a BJ?! "Where are you from anyways?", he looked at me and asked."The Middle East, Iran". I enunciated these words very clearly and dragged the word "IRAAAN". "Oh! Yeah, there are people hiking and fishing here", he said nervously with a change in his tone. Then he looked away. There were lots of horse flies so I took off toward the campground with no more words between me and the guy.

At the campground, I had a really relaxing time: I took a shower, had some tea, laid down on the grass in the shade and had a nap before I made some dinner. I think I am going to sleep well tonight. 

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