Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day Six

Day 6: July 1, 2011; Distance covered today: 91 km; Distance so far: 444 km.

I got some sleep last night. My spot was not bumpy; it was very flat with a lot of tall grass under my tent, making the floor cushiony. It wasn't very cold either. In the morning, I woke up very early, fried 6 eggs and had them with tea. I had to leave immediately since I was on a private property. I didn't want to get into any trouble. I had just left the farm and been riding on a side road to get to the main road when a guy yelled, "How did you like my farm last night?" I thought he was confronting me for my stay on his property, so I apologized and told him that I did not leave my garbage or make fire on the farm. Then I showed him my plastic bag full of garbage which I was carrying to dump in a garbage can. Little did I know that the guy was actually asking me whether I liked it or not. He then asked me to stay in his house next time I am traveling. 
The Ride back toward Wiarton

The ride toward Wiarton was beautiful, but about 10 killometers before and after the town, the road got narrow with no shoulder. The traffic got heavy too. I missed the turn to Owen Sound, but I still was in the right direction. I could still go south. Around noon, it got scorchingly hot; so hot that I had to pull over, take my shoes off in the shade. After a few minutes, a guy came out of the property in from of which I had stopped. We had a little chat and he offered me some cold water and a bottle of freezing lemonade! It revived me. I then decided to bypass Owen Sound specially since I didn't want to stay in an expensive campground. Besides, I wasn't sure if I could find a free spot there. It was now the long weekend in Canada. So, I kept on going toward south. After  a couple of hours, I stopped at a road-side cafe for some refreshment. I liked the cafe so I stayed a little longer for a hamburger and charging my cellphone. The owner of the cafe offered me to pitch up my tent in his backyard, but it was only 5 o'clock. I still had a lot of time to ride. So I hit the road again. 

At about 7 pm, after checking out a few places on the road, I found a good spot for camping for the night. By  then, it was so hot that I could not bear it anymore. 
Waiting for the Tea; Surprisingly, no Mosquitoes 

I made some tea and decided to skip the dinner. When it got dark, there were so many shining flees and bugs flying in the area in front of my tent. It was such a beautiful scene. Coincidentally, it was first of July, and I could hear fireworks in the distance. But I had my own kind of fireworks in front of my tent with natural lights of shining bugs. It looked amazing. 

My Camp Spot

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