Sunday, 4 December 2011

Day Three

Day 3: June 28, 2011; Distance covered today: 53 km; Distance so far: 236 km.

Necessity is the mother of invention. I found a way to fight the cold. Since I didn't have my sleeping bag with me, and it was very cold, I tried to find a way to keep myself warm enough to be able to sleep. I "literally" wore anything I could put on or wrap myself with. I put on two pairs of socks with two waterproof bags covering my feet up to my knees; I wore my cycling shorts, pants, and my waterproof nylon pants; I had my underwear wrapped up round one of my hands, and my handkerchief around another with two plastic bags on top; I also had two T-shirts, a flees jacket, and a windbreaker on top; on my head, I wore a thin hat and a scarf. Still, I would wake up in the middle of the night shivering with cold! It was a lot better than last night though! I could get some sleep! The picture below shows my innovative outfit.

I wore anything to keep warm

It rained all night, and in the morning, the sky was very gray, but I was determined to leave; there was no way I would pay another 37 dollars for this "spot". I had planned to go to Mahyar's in Wiarton. It wasn't very far, only 50 km., but I had head wind to slow me down. Besides, the road was the worst so far, busy with no shoulder. I arrived at Mahyar's at 1:30 and stayed for the night. How lucky I was to stay indoors last night. It was freezing.

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