Saturday, 3 January 2015

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Poisoning; Today: 20 km; Total: 3545 km

July 11, 2014

Last night... Well, last night, I ate just a little of my dinner, which tasted horrible by the way, hoping to get my appetite back later at night, but, wishful thinking, not only did I not touch my food, I started feeling sick, a combination of vomiting, and intense diarrhea. I was up most of the night, and in the morning, I was very weak. I had lost my appetite too. I could not eat anything for breakfast except that I forced myself to push down some bread and honey with tea.

There was a town just 20 km on our way, so we found a nice hotel and decided to rest for a day. An hour after checking in, there were Police officers at our door asking us to go to another hotel because the one we were staying at did not have a certificate to host foreigners. So, we packed again, and went downstairs. To our surprise, the hotel receptionists, a guy and a lady, drove us to another hotel, which was even much better (4 stars) with the same price. In fact, we had checked the price of this hotel before, but it had been double what we were asked to pay now! But, because the Police took us there, they had to give us the same price as the first hotel.  

Anyways, we checked in again and I stayed in bed all the time. I forced myself to eat some instant noodles at noon and dinner. At night, the diarrhea was still bugging me very much. 

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