Thursday, 1 January 2015

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Arid Road; Today: 90 km; Total: 2748 km

30 June, 2014

It had been a long time since we had experienced cool/cold temperature. Yesterday evening and last night, we enjoyed the cold. After sleeping well, I woke up at 8. It started raining again, so after breakfast, which was none other than instant noodle again and waiting out the rain, we started riding at 11. We had a relatively long way to push our bikes to the main road. After that, it was all slight downhill in an arid hot road. Thank god the road was downhill, but still it was boring.

In the heat of the mid day, when we didn't have water (we had taken some from a well, but we didnt dare trying it), we finally arrived at a gas station near a village. We bought water and some more instant noodles. Then we sought refuge in a wooded area near a construction site. Then suddenly, there were clouds and a thunder storm. I made some coffee and sat there in the rain enjoying the cool rain drops on my face.

It was about 3 when we left the refuge in still cloudy weather. After riding for a couple of hours, we were really sick and tired of this modern road which did not give us any access to the local areas and it did not have any shops alongside. We tried to find an alternative route toward our direction using our GPS maps, but there was nothing very promising. Finally at about 6, we found a road alongside the main road. We took it and went to a gas station to see if it was possible to buy some vegetables. I used my Chinese dictionary on my cell phone to say the word SU SHI for vegetables. They guy had only some zucchini and gave two big ones for free. "OK, Thanks".

Soon we camped near a farm. We had enough water, so we pitched up our tent, made pasta with zucchini, garlic, onion, and tomato paste. It was very hot in my tent, so I tried to sleep with all the zippers open.   


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