Sunday, 5 October 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Goodbye Tajikistan, Hello Kyrgyzstan; Today: 50 km, Total: 1243 km

May 25, 2014

The homestay was full of tourists last night: three Americans who were traveling in a jeep and four Russians on motorbikes. We had our own little room and slept comfortably. We left the village at 9:30, but before that, we went to the centre to get some drinking water from the only well in the village. There were some people in line for filling up their water bucket. 

With a strong head wind, steep road, and constant bumps, we walked our bikes the last 5 km to the border where we registered and left Tajikistan, but we still had 25 km to the border control of Kyrgyzstan25 km of no-mans land.

After the Tajik border control, there was the famous Pamir Goat monument, in 4200 meters. We celebrated our achievement by taking photos with the monument. The scenery changed suddenly on the Kyrgyzstan side of the border. The surface of the mountains changed from rock to soil, so it suddenly got green with more springs. There also were many high mountains straddling the two countries.

We rode our bikes downhill in a very bumpy but beautiful road until 7 o'clock when we decided to camp. We could not go further because it was getting too late, but we did not have Kyrgyz visa yet. We could not stay a day in Kyrgyzstan without passing the border control.  

We camped in a beautiful spot and had a lot of instant noodles. Let's see how the Kyrgyz border control deal with our stay without visa tomorrow.  

Breakfast in the Homestay

From left to right: Italy, Catalonia, Iran/ Canada, Romania

Raimon at the Top; Photographer: Radu

Going down to Kyrgyzstan; Photographer: Radu

Melting Snow for Dinner

One of the locals in Kara Kool

The Statue of the Goat at 4200 meters

Going down to Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyz/Tajik No-Man's Land

Melting Snow
Chinese/Tajik Border

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