Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Osh; Today: 90 km; Total: 1504 km

May 28-29, 2014

After having some kind of concentrated milk with coffee and bread, we left for Osh. It was all downhill, so we arrived at about 11 am. When in Osh, you cannot help noticing the cars: They were all second-hand German or Japanese. It didn't matter if the steering wheel was on the left or right!

In Osh, if you ask girls for direction, good luck! Girls would not even look at you and shun you as if you were invisible. When we were trying to find Taj Mahal Hotel, Raimon asked three groups of girls, but they ignored him. Hard luck! There were no men around!

We found a guest house from Lonely Planet guide, but it was not a convenient place. We, then, checked another one which was $10 a night per person in a six-bedded room with a shower and a toilet. It also had a beautiful yard for the guests to sit and chat. We checked in.

I was a little worried about safety and security in Osh, so I tried to blend in when I went out to Bazzar by not having my knapsack or my camera on me. I even didnt have my passport on me when I went to Bazzar. I didnt want to look like a tourist. I was also warned about the corrupt police in Osh by other cyclists who were stopped, asked for their passports and money. Thats why I couldnt take any photos in Osh.  

We rested the whole day. Tomorrow, Fausto and I will be travelling together again. Raimon and Radu will leave a few days later.

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