Tuesday, 21 August 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 70

Day 70: An Easy Ride; From Khoshkebijar to Abbas Abad  in Iran 

July 9, 2012; Distance covered today: 170 Km; Total: 5765 Km

I woke up at 5:30 and was on my bike in an hour. I felt tired, and very sleepy because I had only 3 hour of sleep last night. I dragged myself to Lahijan, some 30 Km from Khoshkebijar. I then felt a little better and rode strong. There was a little bit of tail wind to help me as well. 

Today, the only thing on my mind was to get home. All I wanted was to cover as much land as possible to get closer and closer to home. The more I got closer to home, the stronger the feeling became. I didn’t want to stop and talk to people or take photographs anymore. I just want to get home. Therefore,  I was fast today. 170 km until 3:50 pm!  
My camping spot

At 12, I stopped to eat a melon, then at 2:30, I stopped to have a drink. At 3:30, I arrived in Abbas Abad where I had arranged to spend the night in my friend’s villa. I didn’t have the key to get inside the building. I could get the key of the backyard from a neighbor, but I had to pitch up my tent in the yard. 

I had no trouble at all with the motorcyclists or drivers. It was very safe and calm to ride my bike today. I don’t know if it is going to be the same on Chalus road which is one of the most dangerous and at the same time, the most beautiful road in Iran. It is very narrow and meanders through mountains and forest. I had been on that road before, some 12 years ago. At the time, I had some trouble with the motorcyclists as well. I should see what happens tomorrow when I am on the road.
I took a shower, washed my clothes, bought my groceries, and had a nap. Tomorrow, I will start very early.

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