Friday, 17 August 2012

From Barcelona to Tehran: Day 62

Day 62: From Jolfa to Dozal in Iran 

July 1, 2012; Distance covered today: 72 Km; Total: 4963 Km

I have lost the time. My watch is still in Turkey’s time, so I don’t exactly know when I left the park. I went to Jolfa, bought some groceries, and made a couple of phone calls. The way was still very beautiful. The mountains were stunning and the weather was fine, but the wind was still there—very strong. 
The road, the river, and the sky--all awesome

I stopped at a village and had some bread with a bucket of yoghurt when a guy, who was actually from Tehran, told me that the best place to spend the night was a village called, Dozal. 
I cannot ask for more.

I kept riding and at about 6, I arrived in Dozal. I went to a mosque (emamzadeh) and pitched up my tent on the terrace overlooking the village. In the evening, two officers came and ask me many questions about me and my trip. I was a little nervous, but kept my cool and even cracked some jokes with them. They wrote down everything I said. When I asked them what was the questioning for, they ignored my question. 
Gold miners--seriously!
Beautiful mountains
My spot in the mosque overlooking the village
The village and sunset

At night, I watched the World Cup final with the superintendent of the place. I didn’t watch it to the end since it was obvious Italy was losing.  

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