Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: Camping in 4150 Meters; Today: 55 km; total: 1116 km

May 23, 2014

After traveling in two for two weeks, we left the hotel in four along with Radu (the Romanian cyclist) and Raimon (the Catalan cyclist) in such very good weather incomparable to yesterday which was snowy and windy. The sun was shining and there was no wind. Fausto and I had planned to camp close to the pass, the highest pass in Pamir with 4670 meters, and the next day attack the pass. Raimon was going to be following us, but Radu was going to be going over the pass on one day.

At 2 pm, after passing a herd of yaks, we arrived at 4150 meters and had already cycled 55 km. We, except for Radu, decided to camp because we didn't want to be on the pass late afternoon. Besides, at this altitude, the weather could be very unpredictable. Radu went on; we started to camp.

We found a flat place near a bridge to get some protection from the horrible cold wind. It would be a dangerous spot if it rained, but we were sure if anything, it would be snow not rain, so we pitched up our tents when we saw Radu caming back to camp with us. He said the weather even two km higher was stormy!

We all then ate pasta and tea, and fixed our bicycles. Radu had a flat.

It is 6 pm now and we all are in our tents getting ready for a cold, snowy, windy night. 

Morning Ride

Changeable Weather


Raimon, Fausto, me; Photographer: Radu

An Old Cemetery; Photographer: Radu

Seeking Shelter form Lashing Wind; Photographer: Radu


Photographer: Radu

Photographer: Radu

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