Monday, 5 May 2014

Cycling through Clouds in Central Asia: My Stay in Tehran

May 5, 2014
In an afternoon during my stay in Iran, I got a call from a friend and asked to attend an "event" in the municipality. I was asked to talk about the merits of traveling by bicycle to some people. I first hesitated and then accepted to take part. I thought it would be nice to meet some people and talk about cycling for some time; that's it, that's all. But when I went there with my sister and my niece, I was ushered to the front row of a huge gathering in a hall. I was seated next to some regional mayors. I was then given a very flattery introduction and given an award in which there was two gift cards worth of $130. Well.... What can I say... Thanks. 

They event gave me some idea. I thought of giving my trip more publicity. So... Through some connection, I was given a letter from the cycling federation of Iran recognizing my next trip (whatever that means). 
I also gave an interview in the Hamshahri newspaper. It is going to publish my interview in a few days. I also had a meeting with the general manager of the national Olympic committee, but not only did he not show up for his appointment, but on the phone he said that I should have thought about doing anything for this trip two moths earlier. What an excuse when I was not asking for anything from them but recognition. 

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